Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NDNorth: Our First Adoption!

Just a few days ago, during check-ups, our own Dr. Phil decided to make his own rounds... just in case the orphanage Doctor had missed something.

Are Timothy's lungs clear today? How about his belly? Nice and full, huh?

"Do you think that Kristiana will mind if I listen to her too, Ayi?"

"I'm just going to listen to her heart, you know, to make sure it's beating right."

"Hm... yup. Sounds good!"

On Monday Philip joined his forever family. He has been adopted, and we are especially thrilled because not only is his adoption our first adoption of the year, but it's New Day North's first adoption EVER.

The director of the orphanage we work with had this to say after Philip left to join his family:

"When a child leaves our side to be adopted we feel very sad. But because we know that they will have a happier life and a beautiful future, we feel a sense of accomplishment. We have no regrets, we are proud of the investment we have made."
-Director Z

Will you rejoice with us and Philip, but also keep him in your thoughts as he adjusts to his new life? Adoption is a wonderful thing, but it's never easy, and always a transition.

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