Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Our New Boys

It's been pretty busy around here lately, and there hasn't been much chance to introduce our most recent arrivals...Caleb, Isaac, Ian and Chris.  Today seems like a pretty good day to remedy that, because today is Caleb's 1st birthday!

Caleb arrived at New Day at the end of October, and he is a very sweet little guy, quiet and good-natured.  It's hard to think that on this day last year he was spending his first and only day with his birth family, before he was found by the gate of the local orphanage on Christmas Eve.

He's already had his first ENT surgery, and he's gone to live with a foster family that have experience of caring for little ones with ENT issues - Wayne's former foster family (which means that he and Mason are now foster-brothers...so much cuteness in one household!).

We wish him a very happy 1st birthday, and look forward to watching him grow and thrive.


We met Isaac when he came to New Day in the middle of November, initially just for temporary post-surgery care.  He is adorable, and we're glad that we are now able to keep him until he is matched with a family and adopted.

As he settles in, we're seeing more of his sweet personality...

He's a happy little guy, and he was so pleased to receive some gifts from a donor - a warm red coat...

...and a cuddly teddy bear!

Ian arrived the day after Isaac, and he immediately set about the task of winning everyone's heart with his handsome face and ready smile.  He's already had the heart surgery that he needed, and was recently able to move out of the Foster Home to live with a foster family. Asher was very excited to be getting a little foster-brother!

Our most recent arrival, Chris, doesn't need to too much introduction because he came to us from New Day South.  You can read all about him (and see some adorable pictures) in their blog posts, like this one.  We know that the folk at New Day South will miss him, but we are really glad to have him here.  He's a cutie!

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