Saturday, November 8, 2014

NDSouth: Chalk Art

The kids love getting to go outside. Whether it be to ride cars, to go for a morning stroll, or to play with the parachute, they enjoy it all. This past week, however, we pulled out the chalk.

Lulu wasn't completely sure what to make of it at first. Drawing should be done on paper, right? Yet even so, it wasn't long before she was drawing pictures of her own. 

Noelle, on the other hand, was all in from the moment she received her own piece of chalk, and well, saying she wore some of it might be an understatement...

...but every great artist has to get a little messy first, don't they? 

Hayden enjoyed drawing with the chalk too. He especially liked having his hand traced. 

Ada and Naomi were pretty enthused about the chalk as well. They spent their time practicing drawing shapes and smiley faces. The two of them did a pretty great job, too.

Yet for all of the fun that was had, we're pretty sure that Noelle had the most fun of all. She really loved it. 

So yes, when it comes to chalk, we've got a talented group of kids, don't we? We think so!

Ps. Would you like to get involved with Christmas sponsorship for our kids here at New Day South? Then, here's how!

This year at New Day South we're doing things a bit differently. To sponsor a child, go HERE and make a one-time donation (suggested amount is $50, less than the cost of shipping a package to China, and enough to make a difference). Make a note "Christmas sponsorship / name of child" in the memo. The staff at New Day South will then order gifts for the children (fun things like toys and clothes, and practical things like diapers and formula) online from Chinese sources. Your one-time donation will cover this. (disclaimer: we cannot, due to practicality and the time commitment of our staff, keep exact records of what each donation goes to cover. Our priority is to ensure that the children are well-cared for and loved). As a "Thank You!" to the sponsors, we will take pictures of the little ones and their gifts, and send them to you.

However, to ensure that New Day South has the correct email address in order to send those pictures to you, please email to let them know whom you're donating for! Thanks!

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  1. You are so creative Miss Noelle. I love those chalk covered feet. Sending you our love.