Friday, November 7, 2014

Autumn Leaves

Our backyard has many trees, so at this time of year there are plenty of leaves on the ground.  Adam the gardener dutifully rakes them into a pile...for the kids to play with!

Cora Jo and Zoe have done this before, and are real leaf-play experts.

Who needs toys when you have leaves?

Always the 'mama', Cora Jo helped Rosie to enjoy the leaves too.

Volunteering at New Day can be a dangerous undertaking, as our current backyard school teacher discovered when the kids decided to bury him in leaves.

While the other kids played with armfuls of leaves, Austyn was more than happy to investigate just one leaf.  Aren't leaves amazing?

The younger children had chance to play in the leaves too.  How many can you spot in the pile?

Lukas thought that it was so much fun!

Talia wondered what it would be like to roll in the leaves...

...and Nelson enjoyed flinging handfuls of leaves around.

We're glad that the children get to enjoy the crunchy-leafy-fun of this beautiful season!

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