Sunday, November 16, 2014

NDNorth: Bath Time!

What kid doesn't love bath-time? Okay maybe that's not a good question... it's kind of hit-or-miss, isn't it? Some kids love getting to splash in the tub, others hate it. Well, we happened to have a few bath-lovers over here at New Day North. 

Philip's face says it all!

Kristiana would like a lotion massage, please?

Hannah sure looks happy, all clean and cozy after her bath. In fact, she wouldn't mind getting up and playing a bit longer...

Timothy, on the other hand, is wiped out from a busy day of being cuddled. It's exhausting being this cute, y'all.

Someone's out of the bath and in his PJs and all ready for bed... except that maybe he's not ready for bed. He'd rather bake cookies in our new play kitchen. Pre-bedtime cookies sound yummy, thanks, Philip!

Look at Luke, scrubbed squeaky clean, and enjoying a few minutes of play before his eyes get too heavy. 

Hannah got her way and managed to avoid sleeping for a little bit longer. "Just one more story, Ayi?"

Wendy combs Kristiana's hair after her bath. That must feel good!

What do you think? Am I cute enough for bed yet?  

And one more photo... one last hurrah before the lights go out. 

Goodnight, sweet ones. We'll see you in the morning!

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