Saturday, September 13, 2014

NDSouth: Polly's On the Move

Polly has been in the downstairs apartment with the other 'big' kids for a while now. That said, Polly is the youngest in the apartment, and honestly, we often have a hard time thinking of her as a 'big' kid at all. She's simply so sweet and cuddly and quite frankly, we'd be perfectly alright if she could stay a baby forever...

...yet as the weeks have passed, we continue to see Polly transform into a little girl right before our eyes.

She's quickly becoming more and more curious about what the other big kids are up to...

...and more and more ready to join in on the fun! It was only about a month ago that Polly would cry for her nanny whenever she wanted to go up or down the couple of stairs that divide the playroom, but now? She's isn't afraid at all!

Not only that, but Polly has quite literally taken off in the last few weeks. She started out a little hesitant at first...

...but before long was getting herself all around the playroom to check things out for herself.

Yes, Polly, you really are becoming a big girl, and while we're going to miss your 'baby' days,  we couldn't be more proud of you! Way to go, Polly!

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