Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Amazing Volunteers: A Life-Changing Experience

Our Summer Staff program has now ended, but we still have one final guest post to share with you.  Abbie came from England to spend 6 weeks volunteering in the Foster Home.

Serving at New Day this summer has been an amazing experience and my life has been touched just watching how much love and care is given to the children in the foster home.  Most of my time has been spent with the babies - giving them cuddles, feeding them, burping them and just showing them love! 

I've loved being able to see the children grow and strengthen over the last 6 weeks.  Mark was so sweet and I watched him develop and helped him to stand on his own two feet and take his first few steps. 

One child who I feel has developed in leaps and bounds is Iris.  Firstly, her suction when drinking a bottle has massively improved and she can also nearly hold the bottle on her own. Her muscle strength is improving too, she has more control over her neck and she can roll over onto her stomach and push herself up.  It is amazing that she's made so much progress and I'll continue hoping that she becomes stronger everyday.  I felt very attached to sweet Iris, she has this contagious smile which instantly brightens your day!

One morning I was able to go into the Critical Care Unit which was so amazing, being able to see how happy the children were, despite the severity of their conditions.  It also gave me the opportunity to prepare myself for starting my Children's Nursing course at university this September and start to understand the medical needs of the children.

One child that particular captured my heart was Ella.  She struggled with her breathing most of the time. I loved just sitting with her, stroking her hair and comforting her. She needs a miracle and a loving family who can embrace her with open arms.

Being at New Day has shown me the dedication of the staff, and I'm so excited by the fact that I was able to serve here and experience this special place.  It has made me think differently about the way I'm going to lead my life in England.  I'm so thankful for this opportunity!

A big thank you to Abbie and all the rest of the 'Summer Staffers' who gave up 6 weeks (or more) of their summer to serve here.

Would you be interested in coming to volunteer at New Day Foster Home next Summer (or at another time)? See our Volunteer Services website for more information!

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