Friday, September 12, 2014

All You Need Is Love

Margaret, one of our Summer Staff volunteers who taught in the Backyard School, wrote this post about our precious Lucy.

“All you need is love”.  This simple phrase is much more than a song title, and I have never seen it more clearly than in Lucy, who embodies this idea that “love is all you need”.  Every time a visiting group comes in, she runs over and does her best to steal their hearts, often doing just that. Whenever a volunteer comes in, or visitors stop by, Lucy will immediately run over, grab their hand, and get all the attention that she longs for.

The thing is, Lucy might steal a heart or two for some time, but she needs a heart to hold on to. She’s hungry for love.

Lucy is always trying to please others.  She can become easily distracted simply by the urge to include someone – anyone, into her life and into moments.  She craves attention, focus… love. Spending time with Lucy is exhausting yet fulfilling.  Every minute spent giving her attention is repaid many times over by the look of satisfaction in her face, the rough-and-tumble cuddles she gives and the ways she snuggles deep into your lap.

Lucy needs the love of a family.  She has been at New Day for nearly five years, and in that time she has watched many of her friends come and go.  My heart just breaks for her, especially as I hear her ask, “Where’s my family?” over and over.  Lucy desires a family so much, and needs one that will provide for her the patient and unconditional love that she needs.

Lucy has a family.  I believe somewhere out there is a family who has not discovered her yet, but is just right for her.

Love makes a difference – the love of a family is what will make the biggest difference in Lucy’s life. Could your family be the love that Lucy needs?

Hannah Samuels, who served at New Day for three and a half years and knows Lucy well, has also written about Lucy's sweet nature and desire for a family-

It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like or how long you've been here... the moment Lucy sees you she will run up and offer you something. Most days, her gift of choice is a hand-made pretend meal. Sometimes it's as simple and precious as a hug.

Lucy gives. She's been an orphan since the day she was born - deprived of the family-love that every child deserves, and yet she gives. Lucy has been at New Day for four and-a-half years and will be seven in January. The transitions that she has encountered in her life are too many and unbelievably hard. But, as Lucy has grown up from a baby to a toddler and then into a little girl, she has learned how to give and how to love.

The beauty of this little girl's story is in the miracle of her ability to love and to give despite the challenges that surround her every day.

Lucy has watched her friends, one after another, join families of their own. She's watched them find out that they have a mama and a baba - she's rejoiced with them, but now the joy is harder to come by.

Now, Lucy is more than ready to have a family of her own.

Daily, hourly, she asks us - asks anyone who is around, "Is my mom coming?" "When do I get to meet them?" "Are they coming today?" "Do I have a family looking for me today?"

And we can't give her any answer except for "Not yet, Lucy."

Lucy's file is with WACAP, contact  
WACAP is offering a $4000 grant towards the cost of her adoption.

Lucy is also on Reece's Rainbow, which means that more people will get to learn about our sweet girl and consider her for adoption, and that all of Lucy's friends around the world have a chance to chip into her adoption fund! This will help to relieve the financial hurdle that an adoptive family will have to face in order to bring her home.

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