Saturday, August 16, 2014

NDSouth: Fun with Blocks

Preschool is the place where a lot of fun educational activities happen. One of the children's favorite activities is to play with blocks.
Sometimes we build tall towers...

Isn't that right, Ada?

Other times we build choo-choo trains that can chug along the table.

Of course, Hayden likes to try to build the longest one!

One of Amy's favorite games with the blocks is when we sort the shapes.

Chris likes to sort the shapes, too. Don't you love how focused he is?

Don't worry, Chris! You're doing a great job sorting.

Yet no matter what we do with the blocks, there comes a time when it is time... put them all away!

Of course, cleaning up can be an educational fun activity too.

As a  class, everyone loves to take turns while putting the blocks away!

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