Sunday, August 17, 2014

NDNorth: New Games

When Luke first entered our project, he was not putting any weight on his legs at all.

When Timothy began being cared for by our nannies, he couldn't lift his head up more than an inch or two.

When Hannah joined the Nanny Project she had no interest in interacting with other children.

Wow! What transformations!

We were working with the nannies last week and helping them come up with games for the children to play, and one of the activities that we came up with was rolling the red ball back and forth. By propping Timothy and Hannah up on their blankets on the sofa, all five children were able to participate. Roll gently, Philip, Timothy and Hannah are still babies!

Watching Luke catch on to new games is so much fun! And seeing Hannah and Timothy interact with others and do their best to participate is so adorable.

The little ones in our project are each different. They were abandoned at different times, have different genetics and needs and stories... but today they're a family.

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