Saturday, August 9, 2014

NDSouth: A Birthday Celebration

As we have mentioned before, we always like a reason to celebrate and eat cake. After all, our children (and us!) love cake! We have had some changes around New Day South which includes a new, year long volunteer!

Myra recently arrived at New Day South and soon after arriving, she celebrated her birthday. Just like every other birthday celebration, cake was a must. Make a wish and blow out your candles, Myra!

Polly is still new in the toddler room part of the foster home and still learning about our birthday celebrations. Ada, on the other hand, knows all about them and is a huge fan of cake and singing "Happy Birthday." She can sing it in both Chinese and English!

Time to cut the cake!

Have we mentioned how much we love birthdays around here?

Happy Birthday, Myra, and than you so much for giving a year of your love to love on and care for our children!

Have you thought about volunteering at New Day? Find out more information here!

Myra will be spending the next year serving at New Day South. One of her responsibilities will be as our Social Networking Coordinator. She will be writing the blog posts for New Day South and keeping our Facebook page up to date with pictures and updates. Welcome to New Day South, Myra!

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  1. Hi there! I asked about Bing Bing and I am also curious as to Polly and her medical status. Thanks so much! If I'm not allowed to ask - no worries ;)