Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: Rosie on the Swing

Sweet Rosie has been coming in for therapy for a long time, and so the therapists know by now what kind of activities she enjoys doing while in therapy. Rosie’s two favorite things to do during therapy are bounce on the giant medicine ball and swing on the swing attached to the ceiling.

As Rosie sits and bounces on the ball, the therapist will hold her hips and move her around, having her balance on different feet. This helps her use a wide range of core muscles that help her sit up straight and balance. 

On the swing, Rosie also strengthens her balancing skills as the therapist pushes her at difference speeds and with difference amounts of force. 

During both of these activities, Rosie enjoys having music playing. While on the medicine ball and on the swing, Rosie likes to sing and hum along to the small music box at her feet that plays Chinese children songs. Rosie may think that she’s just having a fun bouncing and swinging music session, but what she may not realize is that she’s also working very hard on leg and core strength and balance. 

We even have a video!  Check out Rosie swinging AND saying "mama".

This post was written by Grace, one of our Summer Staff volunteers

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