Monday, July 7, 2014

Signing Show

We were waiting for the pony rides to begin and Mia was sitting happily with some volunteers. First of all Mia decided to show off her clapping skills.

Mia just loves to clap!  Her enthusiastic clapping earned her a big-thumbs up, which Mia promptly imitated.

By this time, quite a crowd of staff and volunteers had turned around to admire Mia's signing. She has quite a repertoire, and will perform each sign upon request, "all done", "more" and so on.

Mia especially likes doing fun ones, like "high five".

This one looks like she wanted to give Gan Lu a high five, but settled for one of the volunteers instead!

Isn't her "ready" sign just adorable?

Time to finish the show with more applause.  Good job, Mia!

Want to see more of Mia's signing? Check out this video!

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