Monday, July 14, 2014

Playing in Puddles

Daniel* enjoyed his trip to the Water Cube so much and decided he somehow wanted to recreate the experience in the backyard.  The puddles may not have been deep, but they sure were fun to splash in...

Water is so much fun, isn't it Daniel?

He couldn't quite believe his luck that he was allowed to play in the puddles and get soaking wet!

And he really did get VERY wet...

He was so happy!

All good things must come to an end though, and eventually Daniel's nanny asked Gan Lu "have you taken enough pictures now? I need to take him inside to get dry!".

Happily for Daniel, the splash pool has now been set up in the backyard, so he will be able to play in water again very soon.

*Some eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that Daniel's name was changed to Lukas once we found out that he had been matched with a family (yay!).  It turns out that Lukas is the name the adoption agency had been referring to him by, not a name chosen for him by his new family. So we have switched his name back to Daniel on our website now, apologies for any confusion.

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