Saturday, July 5, 2014

NDSouth: Christmas in July

We are so thankful for each of the sponsors and supporters who make such a difference in the lives of our children. Ranging from financially supporting surgeries to blessing our children by sending care packages. 

Recently, we received a little late Christmas care package from a classroom in Canada. The students had each picked a name of a New Day South child and bought a gift for that child. Unfortunately, mailing packages halfway around the world can often take weeks or even months. This package took months. However, our kids didn't mind at all! They were thrilled to celebrate "Christmas in July." 

What is it, Sadie?

A new stuffed animal! Sadie loves stuff animals and she immediately fell in love with this furry pink dog. How could you not?

Ada is concentrating hard while opening her present.

Hayden got creative with his. He decided to use the box of his new stuffed animal as a drum. Why not?

Amy's sweet smile tells it all. She is very thankful for her new toys.

Chris received a new stuffed monkey.

What could it be, Matthew?

A new truck!

We had Noelle open her gift before she was admitted into the hospital. As you can tell, she is obviously is having a hard time containing her excitement.

Even though she doesn't look thrilled, in reality she loved her new singing seahorse. Her little foster siblings love it too.

Thank you so much, Ms. Kate and your entire class! We are so thankful for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

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