Friday, July 4, 2014

Beautiful Transformations

We've been thinking about 'before and after' here quite a bit recently.  Looking at pictures of Reese before his liver surgery next to pictures of him now is a such an encouragement, such tangible evidence that miracles do happen and that we can make a difference.

We see our new tiny little ones, like Eli, and look forward to seeing the difference that time, love, surgery and miracles will make.  Time will fly, and soon we will be able to post 'before and after' pictures of them too.

It's always fun to look back at old pictures of kids and marvel at how much they've grown, but there is a whole new dimension when the transformation is from 'sick and sad' to 'not-so-sick and so-much-happier'.

Iris was so tiny, and so sick.  Her survival is an amazing story, and when she was finally released from the hospital and came to New Day she was four months old but weighed only 2.7 kg (about 6 pounds).

Isn't it beautiful, the transformation that has taken place in less than 6 months?  Iris is still tiny, but she's filling out and growing stronger. 

When Austyn first came to New Day, aged 11, we were reluctant to post pictures of him.  We didn't want to upset people, and we didn't want to provoke criticism of the institution that had been caring for him before.  It's really important to understand that it wasn't a lack of compassion or concern that led to Austyn's condition, rather a lack of help and resources.  One nanny would be caring for ten or more children, even if those children were tiny babies.  Doing all the washing, cooking, feeding...everything. When babies, or children like Austyn, are reluctant or slow to feed, there just isn't time, and the results are tragic.

The exciting thing is that New Day North is now working in the very place that Austyn and Zoe, another wonderful New Day transformation story, came to us from.  We now have hope for other children like Austyn and Zoe, that they will be more likely to get the help that they need.

You can be part of these beautiful transformations!  How to help.

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