Monday, June 2, 2014

Ella's Living Hope

Returning volunteer, Irene, wrote this moving post about Ella.

Ella is a princess.

I met Ella two years ago when I came to New Day for the first time as an intern. She was one of the first babies I had the honor of getting to know. I quickly fell in love with her eyes, her smile, and her tender heart. She changed my life.

I've had dreams of her making progress, being made whole. I imagined she would be able to walk out of the CCU, not needing medical care, becoming new.

Two years have passed. When I returned to New Day a few weeks ago, I walked into the CCU to see her in much the same condition. My heart sank and tears came to my eyes, but I still hoped and wished that she would suddenly become well. I held her hand daily, singing life over her, and still saw love in her eyes and the strong determination to  thrive.

I know now that even if the world may see a hopeless situation, there is always hope. The impossible is always possible, dreams can become reality and fragile things can become new.

In this life, we can bring hope to the hopeless, if we just hold on to belief. I have faith. And I have hope for Ella.

Written by Irene

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