Sunday, June 29, 2014

NDNorth: A Group Therapy Session

When Angela and Liz, speech and physical therapists, volunteered their time to come and help work with the kids at the orphanage, in our baby room, and help train the therapists, we couldn't turn them down! The orphanage staff were all very excited as well, and the two days that our visitors were here were full to the brim of inspiration and education.

They started with observation, and then worked with some children individually. 

There are so many needy children at the orphanage, and the three therapists are busy and overwhelmed, trying to keep up with their needs and decide who to focus on. Seeing this need, Liz and Angela made one very helpful suggestion...

"Let's do group therapy." And so a group of children were brought into the therapy room, and were each positioned in one position... then rotated to another, and then another. 

It was a more unusual environment for the therapy room, which is usually rather quiet, with only one child being work with by one therapist, but it was a much more productive environment! Children who otherwise would not have been on the therapy schedule because of time constraints were getting opportunities to learn new things!

We were so inspired by the therapists visit. 

Thank you for coming, ladies! You're welcome back anytime. 

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