Saturday, June 28, 2014

NDSouth: Dr. Ada & Dr. Sadie

Meet the newest members of our New Day South team, Dr. Ada & Dr. Sadie! Isn't Ada an adorable doctor?

We recently brought out some doctor toys and the kids are loving them! They know just what to do. Ada, really knows what to do since she spent four months of her life last year in the hospital. If you haven't yet, make sure you read her amazing story!

Ada, you are a living, breathing miracle.

 Sadie (also known as: Dr. Sadie) also thought the doctor equipment was quite fun.

 She decided when examining Ada, that she needed a little trim!

Sadie, deep in thought.

What an excellent little doctor you are, Sadie.

Yes, more fun will be had with these toys.

We rotate our toys and it is very exciting when we bring out "new ones."

Now wouldn't you want these two cuties operating on you?

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