Monday, June 16, 2014

Mark and the Big Wide World

Mark has been in our care for almost exactly one year.  Reading Mark's Amazing Story, you might say that it has been an exciting year.  A life-saving, just-in-the-nick-of-time liver transplant, a wonderful recovery, being matched with a forever family...plenty to rejoice about.

For Mark though, day-to-day life hasn't been that exciting.  Feeling sick and miserable in the Critical Care Unit here, waiting for a liver transplant.  Then a stay in hospital, feeling uncomfortable and recovering from the liver transplant.  Then a return to the CCU here at New Day, in order to be protected as much as possible from possible infections.

The CCU is a very special little place.  They have an even higher nanny to child ratio than the main baby room, and the children are so loved and cherished.  There is a room for them to play during the day, and an adjoining room with their cribs.

Once kids in the CCU get stronger and more mobile, they develop a certain level of curiosity about the world outside their two little rooms.  They have a tendency to try to escape.  It's tough, try explaining to an increasingly-lively one-year-old that they are being kept safe from germs, when all they want to do is go out and explore...On fine days the CCU nannies do take their charges out to enjoy some fresh air in the backyard, and there are occasional trips to the hospital for check-ups (but they're not so much fun).

Take a look on our children page though, and you won't find Mark listed with the Critical Care Unit kids.  He's out!  In the main baby room, with freedom to crawl around a bigger room, and discover new toys, and meet new friends.  He'll get to go outside more often, and discover the joys of bouncing on the trampoline.  He'll meet a lot more of the volunteers and visitors that come to play.  He'll start to get more used to strangers, and to hearing English spoken.

Welcome to the big wide world, little Mark.  Enjoy your explorations and discoveries.  The big wide world is blessed to have you in it, you gorgeous little miracle.

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