Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: Nelson Walks

I must say that having Nelson in therapy every day is such a joy!  Nelson is always so giggly during therapy sessions. 

The main thing that we are helping Nelson with is strengthening the muscles in his legs to walk and crawl correctly.  Nelson can crawl and get around pretty well, but his leg muscles are weak because he doesn't balance his weight evenly when he crawls.  His therapy consists of finding creative ways to hold his legs in place (often we wrap cloth around his waist and legs to hold them in the correct position) while he crawls across the room.  This helps him distribute his weight correctly and build the correct muscles that he needs to crawl and walk. 

Another thing Nelson loves do to is walk with the walker.  Nelson is good at walking if he has something to hold onto. However, he tires easily, so we encourage him to keep walking up and down the hallway to build stamina and strength in his legs.  It's fun to watch him walk with his walker, and of course, he smiles and laughs as he does so!
Good job, Nelson!

This post was written by Grace, one of our volunteers.

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