Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All about Asher

The first thing that you'll notice about Asher are his handsome round eyes. If you have ever meet him in person you may start to stare... and then if he notices you he'll cock his head to one side, open his eyes even wider and look up and smile. You'll probably melt.

 If you spend time with Asher the thing that will stick with you will probably be his adorable voice. It's hard to describe... it's just so cute.

 As you interact with Asher you'll be blown away by his vocabulary, his determination and his unique personality. Asher's one of those guys who warms and melts your heart, wraps you around his fingers and then holds your hand and takes you on a tour of all of his favorite things. He loves animals, music, and his foster sister. He's mischievous and creative.

But as you get to know Asher a bit more you'll probably also notice that he has a bag slung across his shoulder, and a tube coming out of his pants. Asher has had quite the medical history. Before he joined the NDFH family in 2012 when he was two years old, Asher had already undergone two pretty major surgeries. Since then he's had another three!

Asher's situation is rather complex, it's something that will need to be addressed with specialists and isn't a one-fix sort of thing.

Asher needs a family who isn't afraid of doctors. He needs a family who makes doctors appointments fun. 

Asher needs a family who loves little boys... and who is ready to add a whole lot of fun and spunk into their household.

Asher needs a dad and a mom who won't mind if he brings rocks and mud and animals home from the park. 

He needs a mom who will turn music on and let him dance.

He needs a dad who will give him big hugs and tell him how special he is. He needs a family who is committed to his long-term care, whatever it involves, for however long it takes.

Right now Asher is living with an incredible foster family. Asher is doing so well, and his foster mom is currently able to manage his needs with a more careful diet. He gets regular check-ups and his medical needs are being addressed... but this situation is not permanent. While we are committed to caring for Asher, he needs a family who will step up and adopt him, promising to be his family forever. Could you be that family? 

Asher's file is currently with BAAS (Bay Area Adoption Services). For more information please contact Xiaoqing Cai at: xiaoqing@baas.org

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  1. Xiaoqing's updated contact information is: xiaoqing@baas.org - I'm not sure the other one is active.