Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NDNorth: Our First Day

As many of you know, New Day North has established their first project! The starting day went very well. After some furniture arranging and going over the set up, the four children were brought in to go to their new home!

Phillip, the oldest, was a bit confused at first. Shortly afterwards though, he became excited about all the toys and the room to run around. How could he keep still when there was so much to do and play with?

Meanwhile,Timothy was pretty relaxed. He was just happy to be held. You’ll be getting plenty of cuddles here, Timothy! After the morning’s commotion, he was pretty exhausted and slept soundly.

Hannah, the youngest, was a little bit more worried than the other children. It wasn’t everyday that she got to venture outside of the little room she lived in. Don’t you worry Hannah, everything is going to be fine! 

Luke,on the other hand, was extremely excited. He made himself right at home and had a blast playing and crawling around. Already he was getting into mischief! We know that Luke and the other children will be so loved by their nannies until they have forever families of their own.

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