Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Friday

It’s a national holiday here in China, and your weekend is in sight.  Sounds like a perfect excuse to share this awesome video for anyone that may have missed seeing it on Facebook -

Feeling happy yet?

Of course, it’s not all giggles and beaming smiles around here.  There are struggles, challenges and heart-breaks.  Our precious children are all orphans, and there is immeasurable pain in each of their stories.  They have medical needs, many of them serious. There are hospital trips, scars and lots of medication.  In many ways, this is not a place that you would expect to find happiness.

And yet there is so much happiness.  In the midst of therapy, recovery and breathing treatments.  Babies smile big beaming toothless smiles, toddlers smile mischievous grins and kids light up the room with their joy. They know that they are loved and valued, and happiness is the natural result.

Just in case you need another dose, here’s Nelson.  Happiness guaranteed.

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