Saturday, May 3, 2014

NDSouth: Nanny's Love

A mama's love is so very important in the growth and development of children. This is even more important when that child is an orphan. They have gone through so much in their short lives. They have been loved and they have lost. After they have lost, loving again can be very difficult.

We are thankful for each one of our nannies. They love our sweet children unconditionally and teach them how to once again trust.

Our hope for each one of our children is to know the love and joy of a family. Adoption can sometimes take a while, and while they wait, our children rely on the love and care our nannies give them.

We are blessed to have so many mama's in our children's lives. Our nannies change their diapers, feed them, rock them, sit with them when they are sick, and stay with them as they recover in the hospitals after surgeries. They love, all the while knowing that these children will leave someday to join forever families of their very own.

Our nannies love unconditionally and we will forever be thankful for them and the care and love they give our children.

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