Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Kisses and Love from Nanny

And will you lift up Kevin and his adoptive family?  They're going through a rough time and could really use our encouragement and love.  {Their blog is also listed in our Extended Family section so you can visit it again.}


  1. Oh mercy, this is precious! This is why Kevin is so affectionate toward us. Because of the BIG LOVE you pour into these children. I get to experience the evidence of that love everyday as he squeezes my neck, scrunches up his nose, and purses his lips for a big smooch.
    Thank you for the prayers...I feel there are so many others who are experiencing way more suffering than us, but I am so grateful for you all thinking and praying for us. We certainly would not trade ONE SINGLE MOMENT. Having our little man here with us makes it worth it all!!!
    God bless you all....

  2. Look at that sweet Laine, always taking the focus off of herself. She is such a precious woman of God, and His love just radiates through her. I'm SO glad Kevin is with them...He is truly blessed, as are they!

    And I second everything she said. We don't even have Khloe home yet, but I know so well the love that she is receiving in your care, and we feel SO blessed. There is a great deal of comfort in the 'wait' knowing she is in such an amazing place. We can't wait to finally meet all of you in person, and thank you for ourselves.

    Keep up the great work. We're praying for those funds to keep on muliplying to help pay for more surgies than even just Kiah's. God is faithful, and I know He favors what you are doing there, so He will make it happen! <><

    ~ Tanya

  3. what has happened to "chip-in"?? I have tried to donate but it won't let me and it used to be so simple (like me!) this is really hurting a lot of people I will just give cash when i come should be at New Day on about April 30 yeye