Friday, April 11, 2014

Beautiful Blossoms

Spring has come to our village and the backyard is a glorious place to be.   The combination of sunshine, blossoming trees, photogenic kids and a talented photographer makes for some wonderful pictures...

'Blossoming' is a word that describes more than just the trees.  This time last year Austyn was lying in  a crib in an orphanage, but in the eight months that he has been here at New Day we have seen the beginnings of a wonderful transformation.

Zoe's is another transformation story, another 'tree' growing and blossoming in the New Day garden.

Like the sweet little flower that she is named after, Violet is also growing and adorning our garden beautifully.

Sarah Lyn has been with us for almost two years now, and has done her fair share of 'blossoming' recently.  She started preschool and has settled-in well, growing in confidence and enjoying the new experiences.

Daniel loves to be out-and-about in the backyard, and there is no shortage of willing hands to lift him up to admire the blossoms.

Ever-curious Talley loved investigating the leaves and flowers.  Since her successful surgery, and moving downstairs to be with the toddlers, and starting preschool, her world has opened up and she's determined to explore it.

This is Lucy's fifth April here at New Day.  She's a beautiful flower in our garden, but wouldn't it be wonderful if she could enjoy the blossoms next Spring with a family of her very own?

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