Monday, April 7, 2014

Advocacy: Where is Bobo's Family

We shared about Bobo here, but as of yet nobody has shown interest in this adorable little boy.

Let's see if I can persuade you just a little bit more to consider him.

The second day we spent with Bobo he had a little upset tummy, and so stayed with his nanny all day instead of going to class. He didn't want to be far from her and helped her carry diapers and food for the babies.

He's definitely a mama's boy!

He loves to help out and has such a sweet spirit!

Yan Bo is almost six years old and has droopy eyelids (which do not cause vision problems) and a repaired cleft lip and palate.

The first day we spent with him he was feeling fine and in preschool. The classroom had a tent set up and he LOVED playing in it. Can you just imagine this little guy building forts in your living room on sheets-washing day? 

His lip and palate are both repaired, and his speech seems pretty on track with the rest of his peers in the orphanage, but it's just not very clear. That's because of his surgeries, and he will probably need speech therapy in the future. 

But more than speech therapy... preschool, cute clothes and a tricycle, Bobo needs a family. His vision and hearing are good, he can color and draw and he really enjoys doing just about anything. He has close friends at the orphanage, but he doesn't have any forever siblings.  

Here is a video of Bobo introducing himself in preschool.

Fun in the tent...

And he is even learning how to read numbers!

If you have adopted a child with post-op cleft lip and palate before, please comment with your encouragement to any potential families for Bobo!

Yan Bo's file is currently with Across the World Adoption agency (ATWA). For more information or to inquire about making Bobo your son, contact Pamela Thomas at (845-641-3963), Mary Thew at, or e-mail


  1. Please give Bobo a home!! We adopted a daughter with unrepaired cleft palate in August 2013 and would do it again in a heartbeat. CL/CP is so totally treatable, especially if you live around a Shriners Hospital. They have great craniofacial teams to treat this condition and help provide guidance as far as speech therapy and plans for future treatments.

  2. My son and grandson were both born with cleft lips and palates. They went through several surgeries but neither needed additional care or treatment. No speech therapy was required either. They were normal boys who grew up to be amazing men.