Monday, April 7, 2014

A Pair of Hats

The little guys in CCU, Albert and Mark, tried on the hand-knit hats first. Albert was't too keen on his new headgear. Our poor little boy is getting sicker and sicker as the days go by. He needs a miracle

Mark's a pretty happy kid these days, especially when his pacifier is nearby... preferably in his mouth.

Maybe we should switch hats? But Albert isn't so sure he wants to try the other one...

'You have five more seconds of cooperation. 4...3...2...'

 Ok, enough bothering you two... on to the baby room! Edward - you look so dashing!

Mason's quite a catch, too. 

Really? Me?

These two little guys are both amazing testimonies to the impact that love and surgery can do. Mason and Edward have both had their lifesaving surgeries already - Mason had a heart defect and Edward had a neurological defect. They are recovering splendidly and quickly catching up with all of the little boy milestones that they missed out on when sick. 

It's good to be healthy, isn't it, Mason? Before Mason's surgery he pretty much constantly battled pneumonia. The poor guy was miserable and his body just could't fit hard enough to stay healthy because of his failing heart. Now? Well... just look at him.

None of this could happen without our wonderful nannies who love and care for the children each and every day. They are our heroes!

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  1. God bless those beautiful babies and their beautiful nannies!