Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: Happy Nelson

Nelson arrived at New Day around the time that Nelson Mandela died, and so it seemed appropriate to name him in his memory. Nelson is a lovely little boy, whose smile will quickly steal the hearts of anyone around him. He laughs often, with his mouth wide, eyes closed and belly bouncing with each chuckle- he is so fun to be around!

Nelson has recently started attending therapy with Zoey the Physical Therapist. He is practising crawling and standing but has very low muscle tone so its quite hard work for him! Fortunately, Nelson has a weakness... balls! Any size, any color- as long as it will roll and bounce Nelson goes wild for them! He will crawl for them, reach for them, and often even stand for them; its a great weakness to have in therapy!

In the therapy room we have some large exercise balls. The combination of standing and bouncing next to one of these whilst watching himself in the mirror was possibly the funniest thing Nelson has ever experienced! He had all the therapists in fits of laughter as he merrily bounced and giggled away whilst pulling funny faces.

Nelson has many challenges ahead of him in his life, but I know that with a joyful heart much can be achieved. We believe in you Nelson, keep smiling!


This post was written by our Occupational Therapist, Jenny

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