Friday, March 28, 2014

Wayne's Adventure (co-starring Violet and Tessa Joy)

Once upon a time Wayne's foster mama told him that they were going to go play outside. Wayne was pretty excited, and managed to wait patiently as his mama put his socks and shoes on.

His patience didn't last long, though, and by the time he was dressed and ready to go he was ready to go outside now and couldn't understand why he needed to wait for his mama to get ready herself. "Come on, mom, let's go!"

Finally, it was time to go outside. The apartment complex that Wayne and his foster family live in is rather large, with a lot of nice places to run around outside... and some sets of stairs to climb up.

They started out by playing ball, which was a lot of fun. Wayne has gotten pretty good at the game of "fetch," just nobody tell him that it's usually a game that humans play with dogs. 

Balls are fun, but do you know what's even more fun? Bubbles! You know that you've found a smart foster mama when they bring bubbles on outdoor adventures. Wayne was so excited!

"You try to blow" his foster mama encouraged. But Wayne was too excited, too busy smiling, to blow hard enough.

Well? So, what's next? What should we do now, mama?

Hooray, we're going to visit my good buddy, Violet! Violet's foster family also lives in the same apartment complex, and all of our foster mamas are good friends with one another.

Want to play bubbles, Violet?

 But Violet was in a bit of a crabby mood... and it wasn't until Tessa Joy (who also lives in the same complex!) came by, that she cheered up.

All it took was a cuddle or two and Violet was as right as rain. What a good friend you are, Tessa!

Come on, girls, let's play!

But what happened next? Tessa Joy's dog, Zhuangzhuang, came out to play! Wayne was very excited and immediately hid behind his mama's legs so that he could enjoy the dog in safety. 

Eventually, the three toddlers figured out a safe way to enjoy the friendly dog. They didn't share their toys, of course. (what toddler does??)

Goodbye, lovely ladies! I'm sure that Wayne will give you a ring the next time he's heading out to play. Maybe he'll even share his bubbles?

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