Saturday, March 29, 2014

NDSouth: Snack Time for Leila

Leila loves to eat. And for a girl who used to be on a strict diet when she was in the hospital all those months, we don't blame her! She is quite often the last one to finish her snack (either her or her good friend, Kate). Leila sure loves her apples. She loves them so much that she thinks "apple" is the English word for several different objects.

 "Okay everyone, I'm done now! It's time to play!"

"Where did they all go? I didn't take that long did I?"

"Hello? Is there anybody out there to get me out of my high chair?"

"Hello? Anybody?"

"Okay guys, this isn't funny anymore... or maybe it is."

Here we are Leila, it's time to play!

Leila has come so far in the 17 months she has been in our care. She is often making us smile with her silliness and as you can see, she loves to ham it up for the camera. Sweet Leila, you are such a blessing!

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