Sunday, March 30, 2014

NDNorth: A Knitting Circle

Read the first part of our "Family Day" at the orphanage here!

After some English lessons and lunch, we broke into groups and some of us girls worked with the older girls at the orphanage to knit. We brought the yarn and needles, which was super-exciting for them! Many of them had learned to knit in the past, but never had an opportunity to keep working on projects because they didn't have access to materials. Well, of course we left everything with them! Hopefully the girls won't be too busy in school to be able to knit. Some of them were rather proficient.

For some of the younger girls, we brought some rubber-band bracelet making... they loved it!

...and of course there was cookie decorating. We baked all of the cookies and brought them and icing and sprinkles to the orphanage. It was a mess, but a lot of fun.

Coming next.... kickball! 

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