Thursday, February 13, 2014

NDSouth: Same Little Boy

Do you know who this little boy is? We got a call on July 4, 2013, asking us if we would help.

He was frail, tiny, and spent the first few months of his life in and out of ICU. When he finally was released, he was so very small and weak. We knew it would take a miracle for this little boy to survive.

He did indeed get that miracle. Do you now know who this little boy is? This is Charlie. And yes.... Charlie is the same baby who is pictured above. Can you believe the difference?

He has gained weight (and no, it hasn't all gone to his cheeks!), is smiling and happy and doing so well. Back in July and August, we never would have thought that in less than 6 months, Charlie would look like this or be doing this well. Honestly, we didn't even know if he would be alive.

Once again, we have another miracle story in our midst. What a transformation, Charlie. We are excited to continue watching you grow and thrive and to one day join a family of your very own.

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  1. He has touched my heart...I would love to receive more information about little Charlie, please.