Monday, February 17, 2014

Annabel Hides Her Smile

Annabel could be described as a shy little girl. She's not a big fan of strangers, especially foreigners, and she'd much rather be safe in her nanny's lap. We don't blame her, and we actually encourage the children to avoid strangers and stay close to their mamas! This is where attachment happens. Recently Annabel has been opening up a bit. Being able to walk and communicate has helped her feel more comfortable around people she's not as familiar with. It's a treat for us, for sure, because now we can finally see some of the adorable things that Annabel's nannies have been teaching her!

The nannies love to teach the children cute little poses... as if they aren't cute enough!

Obviously, Annabel's not shy of the camera, as long as the person holding it is a friend. Curious about how these poses look live? Check out the video!

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