Sunday, January 26, 2014

Advocacy: Tanner

A Children's Welfare Institute in Inner Mongolia has asked us to help advocate for eleven children in their care. We will be introducing the children one by one on the blog, and ask that you share these posts with others in order to give the children a chance to find their family. All inquiries about adoption can be sent to 


Tanner was born December 5, 2000 and diagnosed with congenital eye abnormalities including amblyopia.

Tanner is attending the local special education school and is in fourth grade. He is an excellent student and has already received many "Three Good Student" awards.

Tanner is considered to be very smart and diligent. He goes to and from school each day by himself and takes care of all of his daily needs. Tanner is also an aspiring actor! In the movie, "At Dawn" he was the principle actor.

Tanner is a handsome boy who will no longer be available for adoption on his fourteenth birthday, December 5, 2014. We hope that his forever family will find him soon!

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