Monday, January 27, 2014

Cute? Of course I am!

We asked an innocent question to Hudson, "Are you cute?" He was posing and making all sorts of adorable faces, so we couldn't help but ask the rhetorical question. His reply?

"I am!"

And then he made another incredibly adorable face.

Later, after his therapy session, Hudson was being silly and chatting away with his foster mama.

She put his hat on as she bundled him up to go home, but he threatened to take it off until we reassured him that his hat suited him quite nicely.

That pleased our adorable (and maybe a bit vain?) Hudson, and so he wore his hat.

See you tomorrow, silly one!


  1. OH!!! I LOVE posts about Hudson! :) What a cutie, indeed! And, that's okay if he knows it. ;)