Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ten Days Until Christmas

There are ten days until Christmas. Ten days until your kids come pouring down the stairs a few hours too early in the morning. Ten days until you sit around the living room with scraps of the frantically torn away (or meticulously folded) paper, watching and feeling the magic that a day focused on family and giving and Love brings.

In the next ten days, doubtless you have a list about three miles long of things to do.

Are you overwhelmed?

Do you want to do something tangible, meaningful and transformative this season... something on top of the hustle and bustle of every year's energy?

Ten days until Christmas...

You don't have $100 extra to spend that will cover a day in the hospital for Christopher. You don't have the $600 to cover one day in ICU for Iris... you may not even have $60 to cover a box of medication for breathing treatments that our babies seem to need too often this time of year.

But you do have $10, right?

We've done the math and it works out perfectly. If each of the 1,000 people who view our blog every day donated $10 to our acute care fund, the "pot" that we reach into whenever the babies get sick, we would meet our goal.

There is no medical insurance for these orphans in China. There is only us... and you. Together we will do all it takes, tell the doctors to do their best and help these precious worthy children have a fighting chance.

That's way better than $10 worth of holiday-colored chocolate, isn't it? 

Will you give $10 today, on the 10th day before Christmas?

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