Monday, December 16, 2013

Little Helpers

How long is your Christmas card list ?  At this time of year we mail a Christmas letter and a gift to all our wonderful sponsors, and the list is pretty long.


It's all-hands-on-deck with peeling the address labels, stuffing the envelopes and sealing them up.  This year we had some rather adorable little helpers.  Wendy and Joel came with their teacher, Holly, and did a wonderful job.


It may look as though the action in the video is speeded-up, but Wendy really was moving that fast.  She was racing with Peter, the son of long-term volunteers, to unpack the boxes of envelopes, and generally being super-helpful.   In the background you can see Joel, patiently working away at stuffing envelopes.

If Santa is a few helpers short this Christmas, we have a couple that we could lend him...


Wish you could get a package from New Day next Christmas ?  Sign up to be a sponsor, and help us care for one of the precious little ones here.

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