Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reasons for the Season

In case you hadn't got the message yet, we LOVE celebrating Christmas here.
There are so many great reasons to go all-out with our festivities.

One day our kids will, we hope, celebrate Christmas with their forever families.  It's fun for them to start practising how...
These handsome young men left shortly after this photograph was taken to join their forever families, and soon there will be piles of gifts under trees with their names on.

Speaking of gifts, it is a wonderful opportunity to bless the kids with presents.  To show them that they are loved.  Boxes of gifts have been arriving from all over the world, from wonderful people who want to share joy and gladness with our kids this Christmas.  If you are one of those people and are reading this - thank you!

Christmas is a time for fun and togetherness.  These are things that our kids are learning something about here.


A small and frivolous reason perhaps, but Christmas does make for some wonderful 'photo opportunities'.  Cute kids in santa hats - who can resist?

Finally, Christmas is about love, miracles, hope, and a baby.  These are what we are all about too.

Want to see more pictures of the kids enjoying the festive season?
Take a look at our scrapbooks and Facebook page.

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