Monday, December 9, 2013

Home for Christmas

We love to celebrate Christmas here at the foster home. The evergreen garlands and trees set up all over the home... the cookie decorating and Santa-hat modeling... it's all a lot of fun for us and for the children. Our greatest Christmas wish is usually for the sick babies whose fragile conditions have succumbed to the cold weather and germs to be home. Our "Christmas Wish" is for all of the children in our care to be "Home for Christmas."

But there's another way to look at this... another, bigger and better wish.

All we want for Christmas is for the children in our care to have families of their own. And this Christmas? This is a reality for Rebecca, who joined her forever family last Monday...

...and for Isaac, who is an orphan no more as of this morning.
Henry will be home for Christmas. He left today to join his forever family and we're going to miss that smile but his new family is getting the best gift in the world.
Colton has spent too many Christmases without a family of his own, but no more! This Christmas he will be home for good!
And little Jeffery, too, met his mama and baba this morning. He's probably a bit too young to understand the significance of the season that he's joining his family in, but he's not young enough to understand the unconditional love of a forever family.
Down at New Day South, Asa also joined his forever family this morning.


Can you say, "Best Christmas Ever!"?

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