Saturday, December 7, 2013

NDSouth: Charlie

On July 4, 2013, a 5-week old, baby boy was left in font of the local Civil Affairs office. He was tiny, sick, and without immediate help, would not survive. 

Later, on that same day, we received a call for this same baby boy. Would we help? We knew that if we didn't, no one would. As tiny as this little one was, he would not survive long in the orphanage.

We met little Charlie late that night at the hospital in Guangzhou where he was immediately admitted. For the next several weeks, Charlie fought for his life in NICU.

Charlie gained strength and was stable enough to be released early August. He was home for a few weeks before his health deteriorated and once again he was admitted into the hospital. 

After another month in ICU, Charlie was released once again and came home mid-September. Since being home, Charlie has flourished. He is gaining weight and looking healthier by the day. In the past few weeks, we have noticed that he is starting to look downright chunky, which we are loving!

Charlie is also developing a sweet little personality. Smiling, cooing, kicking his arms and legs in the air. Yes, he is one determined little boy, for sure. 

We are amazed at the progress Charlie has made since July, just five months ago. We are anxious to see what the next five months will bring for this little guy!

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