Thursday, September 26, 2013

NDSouth: Home Sweet Home

Charlie is 4 months old and most of his short life has been spent in a hospital bed. We got a call from his orphanage on July 4th asking if we would help... they had a newly abandoned baby boy who was in serious need of medical care. Of course we said yes! We met Charlie and the orphanage staff at the hospital that same day and he was immediately admitted. 

Charlie went on to spend the next few weeks in NICU and was finally released several weeks later. Unfortunately with Charlie being so very tiny and weak, he quickly developed another infection and was once again admitted back into ICU  in early August.

Last week this little miracle was released and he is home, doing well. He has gained some weight and although he is small, he is fighting and getting stronger each day.

When we first met Charlie he was just over a month old and did what most one month old's do, he slept. Now we are able to see a little more of his personality. He apparently likes to make silly faces.

And of course loves to be held, which we happily oblige. After so much time by himself in ICU, we are trying to catch Charlie up quickly with holding and snuggling.

We are so glad you are home, Charlie. Keep getting stronger little one. Your story is already a miracle!

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