Friday, September 27, 2013

Exploring the Expo

What a perfect day to visit one of the Beijing Garden Expos! Who knew that there was so much to see and to do? The kids sure had a blast!

Meilin met a duck...

...and Henry got a chance to be the team leader!

Joel enjoyed some beautiful views. He's a pro walking with his crutches now! Nothing stops this kid.

Can you believe the beauty here? 

Wendy called the troops together for snack time by blowing on a shell. 

As always, we had a 1:1 ratio between volunteer and children. Noah and his buddy watch the fish and wonder how they're going to cross...

Colton and Meilin were best buddies on this trip!

Colton also got a chance to hold the flag!

After hours of wandering around and enjoying the sights, the kids started getting tired and hungry...

Fast food is always a special treat! Wendy toasts to field trips with Kevin, our fearless leader.

Corrie is a french fry girl through and through. Pass the ketchup, please.

There are even more pictures of our fun outing on the website. Check them out!

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