Sunday, August 4, 2013

{Where They Are Now} Emma Lael

This post was written by Emma Lael's mother

we adopted Emma Lael on September 20, 2010. this is how i describe Emma Lael "she's comfortable in her own skin" i've never met another human being who is so comfortable with who they are.

she's hilarious. 
she's loud. i mean really loud. 
she's confident. she owns a room when she walks in.
she's a tomboy. she loves bugs, planes, trains, cars & trucks. dolls aren't her thing 
she loves animals.
she cares about others.
she tells us daily how much she loves HER family.
she loves to draw & color.
she's a born leader.
she loves playing tag. 
we think she has hidden fins... because she swims like a fish.
she's an amazing violin player.
her best friends are boys. 

she is missing the shy gene. ;-)
she's full throttle.
she is bossy.
she's vibrant.
she's tiny (29# 38") but MIGHTY. she will correct people if they say she is small...she'll say "i'm petite NOT small". :-)

she wants to be a eye doctor & pilot when she gets BIG. believe me if that's what she wants to do when she's BIG she will do it.
she's fast like the wind (her dad tells her). ;)
her competitive nature is off the chart. everything is a race.
she has a laugh that is contagious. 

she understand that we are all to honor God with our behavior and words. 
she is brilliant.
she LOVES jesus. 

she will be 6 on July 5th. 
she will enter kindergarten this august. 

her transition was easy. it's as if God told her who we were when we met her. she did have a couple hard days she mourned the loss of her loving foster parents. they are a huge factor why she did so well. i'm not a writer so excuse my poor writing skills. all i can say is, God knew exactly what He was doing when He placed her in our family. she's a sisler. she is so very loved.

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  1. such a cute little kid she looks so cute and adorable. I love the way she smiles she does it effortlessly . This kid will be a star someday who knows just keep giving her the love and the nurturing she needs and everything will be alright

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