Monday, August 5, 2013

She's Real

Once upon a time a little girl went to the Water Cube in Beijing with her preschool teacher. The rest of her class went too. But our story today is about this certain little girl. 

 Esther loves the pool and wasn't shy about getting in the water at all! Splashing was fun and she enjoyed watching all of her friends play in the water too. 

The New Day preschool was not the only group of children at the Water Cube swimming pool that day. There were a lot of other families there enjoying the cool water. Just as our kids loved watching other children play, the other swimmers enjoyed watching our kids splash and swim around too. 

Especially Esther. 

It's no wonder, she's pretty fun to look at.

One family in particular was quite taken with watching sweet little Ester sit in the water. The dad turned to the preschool teacher who was Esther's buddy that day and asked, "这个娃娃是真的吗?" (Is this baby doll real?)

Yes. Yes she is. Very real indeed.

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