Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Donations from Germany!

We are so thankful to Little Flowers of China e.V., an registered non-profit organization based in Germany who arranged to fill some huge boxes full of donations and then get them over here to Beijing for the kids. There were big eyes when we opened up the four huge boxes. One huge box held bottles and bottles and more bottles. Lucy wondered why... she doesn't drink from a bottle!

There were also two big suit/smocks in one of the boxes. Someone had the bright idea to put the outfits on the twins. They weren't sure what to think...

...Elijah begged to be rescued, and both of them tried valiantly to play with some new donations while wearing their suits. 

As soon as we released an arm they were fine. A free hand to play with, what more do you need?

Colton paraded around the yard with the new toilet brushes and bottles.

And Lena perused the new books and toys. She may have sneaked a few toys away with her when she went back inside...  

The funniest part (other than Ethan and Elijah in the suits) was Colton and Henry trying to figure out what to do with baby bottles. If only we had gotten a video recording of their conversation... 

Melinda spent quite a while sitting on the parachute playing with this blue baby bottle and its case. 

And Esther? Well, she was everywhere. She played with the toys...

...and helped deliver boxes of bottles into the storage room. 

The excitement in the backyard was ever-growing and tangible and the look on the kids faces as they opened up more and more and more new toys and bottles and mystery-space-suits was fun to watch.

A big "Thank You!" to Little Flowers of China e.V. and the companies in Germany who made these donations possible. You made our day!

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  1. Would love to know if Esther is on the shared list or even paper ready. Do you know?