Sunday, July 28, 2013

Such Sweet Memories

It’s been a little over two weeks since I’ve been home from serving at New Day Foster Home. 

What an amazing place!  I didn’t want to leave…. 

Since being home, I find myself thinking about what time of day it is and what the children are doing. 

I sure do miss playing with the babies and making them smile.  We read books and played roll the ball.  Their squeals and giggles were contagious!  I especially loved meal time with the babies!  Talk about an exciting time, as they knew exactly what was coming.  They ate their food like little pros and didn’t mess around when it came to taking their bottles.  I got to hold a few of the babies when it was bottle time.  I remember just looking at each innocent little face and wondering what His plan was for them.  I sang to them and talked to them and promised them that He was always with them and loved them.  These are sweet memories.….

I miss the toddlers & preschool kiddos as we played outside on the swings and bikes.  One little boy insisted that I get on the seesaw with him for some fun.  I did….. and,  let’s just say, my legs were really feeling it for the next few days.  I’d do it all over again, though, to see the happiness on his face as he went up and down.  I also loved watching the kids play with Tom, the resident dog at New Day.  Tom seems to know just when the kids need a little extra affection.  I watched him give numerous doggie kisses to all of the children.

The little ones at New Day have such joy!  This is obviously a result of the genuine love and care that the nannies and staff provide.  Several times, I got caught up in watching the nannies and kids interact.  It was a beautiful thing to watch when a little one was unhappy for some reason and their nanny would pick them up and love on them just like I would to my own children.  The nannies love the children and it is so evident.  In turn, the children know how to accept love and show love and affection to others.  Getting to spend time with the children at New Day was truly a gift that will stay with me forever.  I am so grateful for the experience that He allowed me!

This post was written by one of our volunteers, Jennifer

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  1. Hi Jennifer! I too spent time (one week) at NDFH almost two years ago! I also had them on my mind for weeks, months and now for years! It was a very special that will last a lifetime! Thank you for going to ND and sharing your love with all the little ones! I was there when Lena was just a few months old...the memories I have of holding and praying for her are treasures in my mind!
    Anita G.