Sunday, July 28, 2013

If You Give Alea a Cookie

If you give Alea a cookie, she'll probably invite you in to watch her eat it.
While you're watching, she'll probably sit her baby doll down next to her and then take a few bites.

You'll ask her to share a taste with her doll, and she will look at it incredulously.

You'll ask her again and she will slyly slip the doll a crumb.

Then she'll remind you that the baby doll's mouth actually doesn't work, and so convince you that she can't possible share.

And then, worried that her doll will feel hurt, will console it in the best way possible.

If you give Alea a cookie, she'll probably eat it all up.

Because she's a hungry little girl, and that's what little girls do.
The End


  1. This is wonderful Hannah... LOVE this so much!!!! So precious... this child! This child of mine... who in just a little bit of time will be in my arms for the first time, I am so thankful. I love your narrations, once again!

  2. Alea just needs to be home where she can have a whole box of cookies to share with everyone! Just the other day, Claire provided a cookie to her bear, monkey, baby girl, dog puppet, horse, and little dog. She will share with everyone if she is sure there are plenty left for her.

  3. Alea's expressions together with your narrative text - beyond precious! Thank you for sharing.