Sunday, July 14, 2013

One Year Later

One year ago I had the privilege to come to New Day as a volunteer. Every day I got to spend a few hours in the CCU room. The first time I laid eyes on Maya she stole my heart. She had just gotten back from a surgery that nearly took her life. Holding her would always make me a little nervous because I was told to hold her in a very particular way in order to protect her stomach. I can't imagine the painful process this precious little girl had to go through.. But despite it all, she had a smile on her face that could fill any heart with joy.

This year I was able to come back to New Day. Seeing the transformation in Maya has blessed me in ways that I cannot describe. Maya is not only still full of the same joy and happiness that captured my heart last year, but she is playing and walking, and most importantly she has finished chemotherapy and is cancer free!! It is incredible to come back one year later and see how Maya has grown from the tiny baby I had to hold a certain way, to a little girl who is walking on her own. The love she has received from the people around her has allowed her to grow, develop, and blossom into a beautiful little girl. I am so grateful for all of the staff, volunteers, and foster families who poor out into these children every single day and for all of those who are willing to fight for the children who have no family to call their own.

This post was written by Taylor, one of our volunteers


  1. Is Maya on the shared list?? She is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. thank you for sharing your experience with the world :) May God bless you as you serve these sweet children!